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Finding The Best Security Camera System

We have the perfect security camera system for your property - and we want to help you find it. Whether it is for your home, your business, your vacation property or perhaps even your farm, there are plenty of options to choose from. Before purchasing a system, however, there are some important questions that you must ask yourself.

How Many Cameras?

The first step is knowing the number of cameras needed for your specific property.

Night Vision Capabilities?

Different cameras come with different night vision ranges and options.

What type of system?

There are three different technologies used in security systems - IP, MPX, and wireless.


Large areas, such as front and backyards, are easily monitored by installing security cameras up high. This provides a wider area of coverage. Some people also secure the sides of their building, especially if there are ways to enter without crossing the front or back areas.

What Resolution?

We offer systems ranging from 720p HD all the way to 4K Ultra HD resolutions


Most intrusions occur through the front, back, or side doors. Large first floor windows also make for easy access points that you might want to consider monitoring. You can choose to install security cameras either indoors or outdoors for most entrances.

Bullet or Dome Security Cameras?

You will want to consider what type of security camera you want next. Most security cameras can be separated into two different styles: "bullet" or "dome." In general, bullet cameras are typically installed outdoors while dome cameras are usually installed indoors. But with no real fundamental differences in functionality, it is more about where you want to install them and the aesthetic you desire.


A bullet camera has a long, cylindrical (or rectangular) shape to it, like the barrel of a gun or a bullet.

Bullet advantages:

  • Best used for wall mounting

  • Can be installed on a ceiling, soffit, or eaves

  • Easily adjustable field of view

  • Ideal for out of reach installations

  • Easier to see / good deterrent

  • Removable weather shield for indoor applications


A dome security camera takes its name from the architectural element that resembles the upper half of a sphere.

Dome advantages:


  • Best used for ceiling, soffit, or eaves mounting

  • Small body / more discreet

  • The direction of the lens is more hidden

  • Highly vandal resistant

  • Ideal for "within reach" installations

  • Fits nicely into ceiling corners

  • Blends in with interior designs


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