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Your best defense against ransomware!

Cyber threats like ransomware and crypto viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Encryption enabled ransomware, for instance, uses a malicious software to encrypt files locking users out of their own data. Affected users are presented with two options: either pay ransom or lose their data forever. Even after paying ransom there's no guarantee of successful data recovery. With JPC Cloud Solutions Snapshots, make sure that you can restore versions of the backed up files, to a time prior to infection.  Snapshots are historical view of your data, stored in JPC Cloud Solutions account which allows you to perform point-in-time recovery. In case your files are attacked by ransomware, you can restore your data by selecting a timeline before the attack. As JPC Cloud Solutions is cross-platform compatible you can ensure all your PCs and Macs are backed up and protected against these threats. The additional storage requirements for Snapshots has no impact on your account storage space.


So if you've got only one computer, should you use another service? After all, many offer 'unlimited' storage. But there is one little secret: backing up to the cloud is slow. Painfully slow. Most users who pay for these 'unlimited' backup per computer spend weeks, even months to backup just a fraction of their data!

Knowing that bandwidth speeds from ISPs were not where users needed them to be, we created JPC Cloud Solutions Express™, a shipped drive method to kick-start your backups absolutely free.

You don't need to clog your bandwidth for weeks, or even months, while you wait for your data to upload for the first time. We will ship you a hard drive, to seed the initial backup of all your data.  No other service offers the express uploading service at the speed and cost we offer.

BTW just in case, the drive is lost in shipment, no one can see the data in it, because it is all encrypted with military grade encryption.

Security & Privacy

All data stored with JPC Cloud Solutions is secured using 256-bit AES encryption. This is military grade encryption, approved by the Department of Defense for the encryption of 'TOP SECRET' data. Whether you are backing to cloud directly from your PCs or Macs or shipping a JPC Cloud Solutions Express drive for initial backup, data stays encrypted through the entire life cycle. You can even choose a private key to encrypt your data, which means only you will ever have access to your files - even we can't view them!


Say you have an office with about 20 computers. Your accounting team uses Windows, your designers are on Macs, your Sales team has some laptops and tablets, and your IT has a local Linux server as well. And of course, everyone's got their favorite brand of smartphone. Many cloud backup services either can't accommodate your needs, especially mobile and Linux, and often have per computer license fee model.

You can use the Dashboard, a centralized web console, to create unlimited user accounts within your storage space and organize them into different groups. You can also propagate backup and restore settings across all users and groups.

JPC Cloud Solutions Express is also at your disposal, with additional free uses for business for either backing up, or restoring their data quickly.

JPC Cloud Solutions has the best solution for securing all of your business data with flexible storage, security, speed and privacy options.


If you've a business, you might be using a NAS device. JPC Cloud Solutions has you covered too.

JPC Cloud Solutions does NAS backup better than anyone else. You can backup data on any mapped drives and typically you can map your NAS device as a mapped drive. For some NAS devices, we are actually part of their App stores. We provide native apps for several NAS devices to make setting up your backups even easier.


We are all connected these days via laptops, smartphones, etc. JPC Cloud Solutions makes it further easy for you to share your files with friends, family, and coworkers for collaborative access.


We are always working on providing the best performance possible. In many of our internal tests and​ ​​in​ professional reviews, we have stood out as the best performing cloud backup solution. Combine that with Express backup and restore options, and you've got an unbeatable service.​​​​​​


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